adrino - native

Non-invasive, the most natural form of advertising.

we work based on proprietary native technology

Adrino native is the longest operating native advertising network on Polish market.


Since 2011, as pioneers of native advertising in Poland, we implement campaigns directly or using Header Bidding technology.


March 10, 2022, adrino adapter for Prebid library is certified for plugging in company adserver for configuration of the Publisher’s header-bidding

even more profit from adrino!

We combined the content recommendation box with advertising teasers. It is enough to implement a dedicated code once and our system itself displays publisher’s most suitable content, *average CTR ranges from 2 to 16%

content recommendation module

1.elongation and deepening site visits

2.extra warranty profit

for the publisher

adrino native is the longest operating native advertising network on the Polish market.

why to make more money?

In addition to teasers of your articles, you can display teasers from commercial clients. Just insert the appropriate codes into the page. Check how easy it is!

advanced emission algorithm

Guarantee of matching the module to the content on the website + behavioral targeting to the preferences of Internet users.

flexible adjustment of the module to device

Different number of teasers, layouts, etc.

A measurable benefit for Publisher!

Possibility of displaying single teaser without implementation of whole module!

Also in listings, on subpages of categories (sections), and even homepages!

native in numbers

0 x

up to 4x higher conversion than in the case of other flat advertising forms

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10x CTR than with plain banner display on the same placement

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supported platforms:
mobile, desktop

possible targeting od native campaigns

adrino native site categories