Native - stands for non-invasive, most natural form of advertising, which enables you to efficiently reach your target group.

We work based on our in-house native technology – being involved in native advertising in ever since 2011, we are the traiblazers of native advertising in Poland. We implement Direct campaigns or use Header Bidding technology. On the 10th March 2022, our in-house adrino adapter for Prebid library was certified, which enabled connecting the company's adserver to the Publisher's header-bidding configuration.

In result, buying adverts in the so-called header-bidding model at adrino in carried out on the basis of a certified adapter, integrated with a prebid library utilized by the publishers. It enables the publishers to take part in bidding of online advertising surfaces for native.


by numbers

even up
to 2-4x times

larger conversion than in the case of other flat ad forms
mobile, desktop supported platforms

2x bigger CTR

than with a regular banner

context, behavioural

available targeting of the native campaign

native categories

  • lifestyle
  • business
  • fashion&beauty
  • moto
  • sport
  • news
  • entertainment
  • local news