We implement mailing campaigns using verified databases. We cooperate with the best partners in the market.

Available settlement models: CPM, CPC, CPL.

  • Potential of up to 50 000 clicks/ month
  • 84 in-house bases and 36 mln of B2B and B2C records
  • 120 external databases and 100 mln of B2B and B2C records
  • OR level between 15% and 30%
  • CTR from 1% to 5%

Verified email addresses – verified in accordance with GDPR. Segmented by topic. Behavioural, context, demographic data.



Potential of up to 80,00 clicks /month
Settlement model: record, CPC.

Reaching the Client directly.

Reaffirmed message in the SMS/MMS format – consumers are informed about new discounts, sales or special offers at your store.

Capacity to directly navigate user to a mobile website.

Advanced behavioural targeting and geotargeting (BTS) capabilities, for example: near stores and shopping malls.



We faciliate enhancing Your position in web browsers – both organically and for a charge.
Get in touch with us and see what we can do to increase your visibility online.



We successfully implement Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

We are the Tik Tok's official partner in Poland. Tik Tok is the most frequently downloaded social media app of 2020, currently the most popular app in Poland. Targeting capacities – by age, voivodship, gender.

We will also help with arranging prize contests, as well as with conducting them on Social Media channels.