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Rich media - at adrino, for almost 10 years we have been dealing with rich media advertising. We are the first mobile advertising network in Poland to handle such projects. We implement campaigns from top to bottom, both for mobile and desktop.

We provide essential support at concept stage, mechanism creation, coding and advert broadcast. Following the campaign, our customers receive complete report in the form of an intelligible Post-Buy, where, besides the clicks and views, we measure any interactions of user with a particular ad creation. Our experience and thousands of implement projects will enable you to customize the creation to a specific brief. No more holding on tightly to just a couple of ad templates – our rich media are tailor-made.

Check our basic formats – if you are looking for something more, don't hesistate to contact us!


rich media
in numbers


average at 5%
mobile, desktop supported platforms


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Full measurement

clicks, pv, interaction rate, adtractivity

rich media


    Advertising creation that enables displaying the „before and after” result comparison. User is required to scroll the horizontal scale dividing the webpage.


    In other words: product gallery. Creation that enables presenting several product variables. By scrolling sideways, user moves to subsequent pages of the gallery. Each screen enables navigating user to a customer's different landing page.


    Also known as the „weave” - ad creation, in which the user has to untie the gift wrap. It triggers the animation that illustrates what gift waits inside the mystery box.


    Creation that requires user to „drag an drop” an object located in a picture. Such motion subsequently triggers an animation, which highlights the product's USP.

  • CUBE

    Or a box. Three-dimensional creation, which enables displaying different visuals on each of the figure's sides. Capacitates embedding video, animation etc. By scrolling forward and backward, user is able to rotate the cube in 360 degree range.


    Creation, also referred to as „multitouch”, which sometimes serves as a subpage. By clicking particular bullet points, user finds out the information contained in the creation. Capacity to embed „tabs”, video, audio, animation etc.


    Interactive mini game in your advert? Yes, that is possible! Such creation enables the user to enjoy pure fun delivered by the advertised brand. At adrino, we have been creating such formats for over 9 years.


    Rich media creation with a sound file. It may have a form of a short podcast or its part.

  • MORE

    At adrino, we approach each rich media brief on individual basis. If you are interested in a „tailor-made mechanism”, send us a message – we have extensive experience in creating the most effective creations of this type in the market.