adrino - mailing

Measurable benefits from mailing campaigns – effectively for you!

monetize your databases

Use huge potential of your mailing database!!
Cooperation with our company LeadR will generate income both for you as well as for us.

how it works?

After starting cooperation, our sales departments will sell their clients’ campaigns to your e-mail database. After each campaign, we will share the proceeds fairly.

if you have a website or app

and collect e-mail addresses with user consents for marketing, text us!

We meet customers’ demand for e-mail campaigns.

We respect every user.

we minimize number of e-mail campaigns
and maximize profit.

we run optimally targeted marketing on your database

We make advertising more acceptable and less intrusive. Everyone benefits from it. Recipients want to receive interesting offers, advertisers sell more. You, as the base owner, earn a regular profit and change the face of online advertising in Poland.